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Welcome to Golden Grove Global

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We are independent. Our goal is to protect and promote your brand.   We are your strategic partner in building your brand and business in the USA.

We are Australian owned and operated and experienced in selling in the USA.  We are experienced in food beverage and agricultural products from Australia and New Zealand.

Our Services - From practical experience we note that many exporters are not well or properly prepared to enter this enormous but competitive market.

The main points to be considered are..

1) Product… a unique, specialized, marketable product.

2) Commitment… confident and realistic enthusiasm is essential backed by human and financial resources to tackle the market.

3) Advice .. you will need professional advice on legal structure, accounting and tax, trademarks, labelling, bar codes, customs and import, FDA registration and approval, banking, insurance, logistics and warehousing, export market development grants.

4) Marketing.. to whom and where do you sell your product. Brokers, online, bricks and mortar, or direct to consumer. Website, social media, point of sale material, events, trade shows, visiting the USA, the weather and seasonal events.

Will exporting to the USA work for you?

Please click here to request a copy of our questionnaire

The more information we have available from you the more we can help you make a realistic assessment of your prospects in the USA.

Our role is to protect and promote your brand in the United States.   We will provide you with an honest appraisal. We may tell you that you are not ready or that you should not attempt exporting to the USA.