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About Us

“Our products are the highest quality, natural, gourmet, non GMO and without additives that are harmful to health. We deliver direct from source in sealed containers without repackaging or risking cross contamination of our high quality products”

Our company ‘Golden Grove’ traces its roots to the first Australian colony, which today is known as Sydney, New South Wales.  On January 26, 1788, the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson Harbour Australia; one of its supply ships was the Golden Grove.  This fleet became the first European settlement in Australia, carrying more than 1000 Convicts, Marines and Seamen and a vast quantity of supplies for the new colony.  Convicts were originally transported to the 13 colonies in North America, but after the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the newly formed United States refused to accept further convicts.  The Golden Grove was captained by William Sharp and carried the fleet’s Chaplain, Richard Johnson and his wife.  The ship was one of several supply ships including, the Fishburn and the Borrowdale.  Models of all the ships are on display at the Museum of Sydney. 

Convict Food

The standard rationed amount of food per man per week consisted of 4 pounds of salted pork or 7 pounds of beef, 7 pounds of flour or bread, 3 pints of dried peas, one half pound of rice and 6 ounces of butter. Men received the full ration weekly, while women received three-quarters and children one half. Items were frequently substituted based on availability. 

Food Safety

As food importers we are very aware of the importance of food safety.

When you are buying imported food you need to know that it comes from a clean, well regulated environment that observes proper standards of security, hygiene, packaging and distribution.

Low cost rarely equals safety or high quality.

Know that the product is packaged at source in a secure clean environment and is NOT repackaged elsewhere where there is risk of cross contamination and damage to a product.

From Jan 26 2016 food importers will be subject to The Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Final Rule and The Accredited Third-Party Certification Final Rule. Make sure your supplier is registered.

Once unpacked and repackaged, imported food no longer carries the original manufacturer’s  verification and certification. 

Your staff is critical for food safety. To receive and store safely, sanitize all utensils, wash hands thoroughly, stay home if sick, don’t eat drink or smoke at work, and cover your hair.

Ask employees to acknowledge in writing these rules.

Golden Grove Global is an Australian company specializing in exporting the best Australia has to offer in natural and healthy gourmet food products.