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Selling at all levels be it to consumers, business to business or elsewhere is increasingly moving online.

The major retailers are being left behind by customers who want instant access to goods, immediate delivery and free shipping.

The reality is that most foreign companies need a local USA presence to handle orders, deliver quickly, handle returns and deal with customers in day light hours.

They also need local representation to protect their brand, avoid repackaging and counterfeits, and deal with competition as it occurs.

Foreign companies need a local bank account and local registration with credit agencies and government authorities without which selling is impossible.

We solve all of these problems quickly and efficiently and because we are Australian we speak your language and are available in your time.


It's hard to know all of your business needs to be a successful exporter to the United States.  But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions.  


· Shipping Agents and Customs

· Insurers

· Accounting and Audit

· Bankers

· Attorneys

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Golden Grove Pty LTD in Australia and its subsidiary Golden Grove LLC in the USA provide logistical, transport, and registration support for Australian grocery exporters to the United States.

We assist as part of the process in registering Australian food producers with the FDA and providing customs clearance in Australia and in the USA.

We provide warehouse services and customers for food products in the USA. We assist in the market development of high quality Australian food produce that is sought by specialty manufactures and retailers in the USA.

Our services are of most value to smaller exporters who may not have the necessary resources to embark on an export program in the USA.

In Australia please contact:
Peter McKeon
6 Stevens Road

Warragul South 3821 

0408 250 345

In the USA please contact:
John Kimber
+17203550446 cell (voicemail)
200 Quebec St Denver 300 111
Colorado USA​​